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Coronoid Fracture ORIF

CPT Coding Technique
Indications Complications
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synonyms:coronoid fracture ORIF, coronoid process fracture ORIF

 Coronoid Fracture ORIF CPT

Coronoid Fracture ORIF Indications

  • H

 Coronoid Fracture ORIF Contraindications


Coronoid Fracture ORIF Alternatives

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Coronoid Fracture ORIF Pre-op Planning

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Coronoid Fracture ORIF Technique

  • Standard posterior medial approach.  Elevate thick flaps.
  • Identify ulnar nerve proximal and release from cubitual tunnel, fascia,
  • Divide flexor pronator fascia and preserve any motor brances of ulnar nerve and preserve. 
  • Elevate flexor pronator muscle mass of the capsule and collateral ligament complex.
  • Remove intraarticular debrie
  • place sutures into anterior capsule and drill holes in ulnar for later repair through bone tunnels. 
  • reduced corocoid fracture and secure with screws/plate
  • Repair capsule and ensrue function of UCL.  
  • Repair flexor pronator mass with suture anchor in medial epicondyle
  • Consider transposing ulnar nerve with fascial sling. 

Coronoid Fracture ORIF Complications

Coronoid Fracture ORIF Follow-up care

  • Post-op:
  • 7-10 Days:
  • 3 Weeks:
  • 6 Weeks:
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Coronoid Fracture ORIF Outcomes

Coronoid Fracture ORIF Review References




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