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Elbow Arthritis M19.029 715.12

synonyms: elbow DJD, elbow degenerative joint disease, radiohumeral arthritis, ulnohumeral arthritis,

Elbow Arthritis ICD-10

Elbow Arthritis ICD-9

  • 715.12 (osteoarthritis, localized primary, forearm)

Elbow Arthritis Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Degenerative arthritis almost exclusively in men usually with hx of repetitive heavy use or overuse of elbow. Carpenters, weightlifters, throwing athletes.
  • Mean age at presentation: 55 years.

Elbow Arthritis Anatomy

Elbow Arthritis Clinical Evaluation

  • Impingement pain at terminal extension
  • Flexion contracture common
  • Evaluate any prior surgical scars

Elbow Arthritis Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • A/P, lateral elbow films demonstrate osteophyties on coronoid and olecranon and in coronoid and olecranon fossae. Ulnohumeral and radiohumeral joint space narrowing.
  • Often associated with loose bodies

Elbow Arthritis Classification / Treatment

Elbow Arthritis Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

TEA Complications

  • loosening, poly wear
  • poly wear can be managed by bushing exchange for pts with semiconstrained liked TEA.  Poly wear is more common in young active pts who should be cautioned about recommended activity limitions and lifting restrictions.  (Lee BP. JBJS 2005;87A;1080-87)

TEA Follow-up Care

  • 5-kg permanent lifting restriction.

Elbow Arthritis Review References


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