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Foot Xray

   A/P Foot View


Beam directed

Oblique Foot View

Position:Supine with knee flexed and internally rotated so that the plantar surface of the foot rest on the cassette at a 30° angle.

Beam directed perpendicular to the 3rd metatarsal base.

Lateral Foot View (mediolateral)

Position:lateral with affected side down; foot resting on cassette and ankle at 90°.

Beam directed perpendicular to base of 3rd metatarsal.

Harris-Beath View

Position: erect; sole of foot flat on cassette.

Beam directed 45° toward the midline of the heel.

(Harris RI, JBJS 1948:30Br:624)

  Canale View

Position: ankle in maximum plantar flexion and foot pronated(internally rotated) 15°

Beam directed 75° angle from horizontal plane in the A/P plane (15° cephalad)

(Canale, JBJS 60A:143;1978).

  Broden's view
  • Demonstrates: articular surface of posterior facet. Shows posterior facet as it moves from posterior to anterior.
  • Position:pt supine, cassette under leg/ankle, foot in neutral flexion with leg internally rotated 30-40
  • Beam centered over lateral malleolus; xrays taken at 40, 30, 20, 10 degrees toward head of patient. 
  • (Bruden Acta Radiol 31:85;1949). Generally get CT instead.


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