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R53.81 Other malaise
R53.82 Chronic fatigue, unspecified
R53.83 Other fatigue
R54. Age-related physical debility
R55. Syncope and collapse
R56.00 Simple febrile convulsions
R56.01 Complex febrile convulsions
R56.1 Post traumatic seizures
R56.9 Unspecified convulsions
R57.0 Cardiogenic shock
R57.1 Hypovolemic shock
R57.8 Other shock
R57.9 Shock, unspecified
R58. Hemorrhage, not elsewhere classified
R59.0 Localized enlarged lymph nodes
R59.1 Generalized enlarged lymph nodes
R59.9 Enlarged lymph nodes, unspecified
R60.0 Localized edema
R60.1 Generalized edema
R60.9 Edema, unspecified
R61. Generalized hyperhidrosis
R62.0 Delayed milestone in childhood
R62.50 Unspecified lack expected normal physiological development in childhood
R62.51 Failure thrive (child)
R62.52 Short stature (child)
R62.59 Other lack expected normal physiological development in childhood
R62.7 Adult failure thrive
R63.0 Anorexia
R63.1 Polydipsia
R63.2 Polyphagia
R63.3 Feeding difficulties
R63.4 Abnormal weight loss
R63.5 Abnormal weight gain
R63.6 Underweight
R63.8 Other symptoms and signs concerning food and fluid intake
R64. Cachexia
R65.10 Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) non-infectious origin without acute organ dysfunction
R65.11 Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) non-infectious origin with acute organ dysfunction
R65.20 Severe sepsis without septic shock
R65.21 Severe sepsis with septic shock
R68.0 Hypothermia, not associated with low environmental temperature
R68.11 Excessive crying infant (baby)
R68.12 Fussy infant (baby)
R68.13 Apparent life threatening event in infant (ALTE)
R68.19 Other nonspecific symptoms peculiar infancy
R68.2 Dry mouth, unspecified
R68.3 Clubbing fingers
R68.81 Early satiety
R68.82 Decreased libido
R68.83 Chills (without fever)
R68.84 Jaw pain
R68.89 Other general symptoms and signs
R69. Illness, unspecified
R70.0 Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate
R70.1 Abnormal plasma viscosity
R71.0 Precipitous drop in hematocrit
R71.8 Other abnormality red blood cells
R73.01 Impaired fasting glucose
R73.02 Impaired glucose tolerance (oral)
R73.03 Prediabetes
R73.09 Other abnormal glucose
R73.9 Hyperglycemia, unspecified
R74.0 Nonspecific elevation levels transaminase and lactic acid dehydrogenase [LDH]
R74.8 Abnormal levels other serum enzymes
R74.9 Abnormal serum enzyme level, unspecified
R75. Inconclusive laboratory evidence human immunodeficiency virus [HIV]
R76.0 Raised antibody titer
R76.11 Nonspecific reaction tuberculin skin test without active tuberculosis
R76.12 Nonspecific reaction cell mediated immunity measurement gamma interferon antigen response without active tuberculosis
R76.8 Other specified abnormal immunological findings in serum
R76.9 Abnormal immunological finding in serum, unspecified
R77.0 Abnormality albumin
R77.1 Abnormality globulin
R77.2 Abnormality alphafetoprotein
R77.8 Other specified abnormalities plasma proteins
R77.9 Abnormality plasma protein, unspecified
R78.0 Finding alcohol in blood
R78.1 Finding opiate drug in blood
R78.2 Finding cocaine in blood
R78.3 Finding hallucinogen in blood
R78.4 Finding other drugs addictive potential in blood
R78.5 Finding other psychotropic drug in blood
R78.6 Finding steroid agent in blood
R78.71 Abnormal lead level in blood
R78.79 Finding abnormal level heavy metals in blood
R78.81 Bacteremia
R78.89 Finding other specified substances, not normally found in blood
R78.9 Finding unspecified substance, not normally found in blood
R79.0 Abnormal level blood mineral
R79.1 Abnormal coagulation profile
R79.81 Abnormal blood-gas level
R79.82 Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP)
R79.89 Other specified abnormal findings blood chemistry
R79.9 Abnormal finding blood chemistry, unspecified
R80.0 Isolated proteinuria
R80.1 Persistent proteinuria, unspecified
R80.2 Orthostatic proteinuria, unspecified
R80.3 Bence Jones proteinuria
R80.8 Other proteinuria
R80.9 Proteinuria, unspecified



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