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Lateral Epicondylitis Rehab Protocol

   Phase I  Acute Phase (approximately 0 to 14 days)
  • Goal: Decrease inflammation and pain of the involved muscular origin.
  • Gentle passive ROM.
  • Cryotherapy – ice massage at home multiple times per day.
  • Modalities as necessary (TENS, iontophoresis, phonophoresis).
  • Friction massage.
  • Use counter-force brace to decrease tension on region of damage.
  • Avoid aggravating activity.

Phase II (14 days to 8 weeks)

  • Goal: Increase flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Flexibility –wrist and elbow flexion and extension, pronation and supination, radial and ulnar deviation
  • Upper limb strength.
  • Continue cryotherapy pre and post session.
  • Concentric, eccentric strengthening of involved muscle groups.
  • Continue counter-force brace.

Phase III (9 to 12 weeks)

  • Goal: Return to full activity.
  • Initiate gradual return to previous activities.
  • Wean off counter-force brace.
  • Equipment modification
  • Grip size of racquet/tools.
  • Tennis players: Graphite, ceramic, composite racquet have good shock absorbing characteristics.
  • Emphasize maintenance program.


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