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Nailbed Repair 11760

CPT Technique
Indications Complications
Contraindications Follow-up Care / Rehab Protocol
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 Nailbed Repair CPT

Nailbed Repair Indications

  • H

 Nailbed Repair Contraindications


Nailbed Repair Alternatives

    Nailbed Repair Pre-op Planning

    • Ensure appropriate suture is available and reinforced silcone sheeting if nail is not salvageable

    Nailbed Repair Technique

    • Sign operative site.
    • Pre-operative antibiotics.
    • 1% plain lidocaine digital block.
    • Prep and drape
    • Finger tourniquet.
    • Nail removed with Kutz elevator or iris scissors.
    • Undersurface of nail cleared of any residual tissue and soaked in providie-iodine solution.
    • Examine nailbed under 2.5x loupe magnification.
    • Undermine edges @ 1mm.
    • Irrigate.
    • Repair with 7-0 chromic sutures, GS-9 opthalmic needle. Simple sutures.
    • Place hole in the previously removed nail for drainage and replace nail. If nail is not available use 0.020" reinforced silicone sheeting or nonadherent gauze.
    • Suture nail in place with 5-0 nylon suture placed in a horizontal mattress configuration through the nail fold.
    • Severely displaced distal phalanx fractures can be reduced and pinned with 0.028 K-wires.

    Nailbed Repair Complications

    Nailbed Repair Follow-up care

    • Post-op:
    • 7-10 Days:
    • 3 Weeks:
    • 6 Weeks:
    • 2 Months:
    • 3 Months:
    • 6 Months:
    • 1Yr:

    Nailbed Repair Outcomes

    Nailbed Repair Review References




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