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Shoulder Anatomy Images


 Shoulder Capsular Anatomy

  1. Superior Glenohumeral Ligament
  2. Middle Glenohumeral Ligament
  3. Anterior band of Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament
  4. Inferior Glenohumeral ligament complex / Axillary Pouch
  5. Posterior band of inferior glenohumeral ligament
  6. Posterior capsule
  7. Long head of Biceps tendon
  8. Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor tendons
  9. Subscapularis tendon
  10. Glenoid


Superior Glenohumeral Ligament

  1. Long head of Biceps tendon
  2. Superior Glenohumeral Ligament
  3. Subscapularis Tendon
  4. Humeral Head

Shoulder - Bone

  1. Clavicle
  2. Acromion
  3. Coracoid Process
  4. Glenoid
  5. Humeral Head
  6. Lesser Tuberosity
  7. Intertubercular Groove
  8. Great Tuberosity



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