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Shoulder Images

Bankart lesion mri

normal labrum picture

Bnakart lesion picture HAGL lesion picture
ALPSA lesion picture

Bankart lesion picture

Hill sach lesion picture

Buford complex MRI

shoulder capsule anatomy

Bankart Repair picture

bony bankart picture

ac arthritis picture

AC joint separation picture

acromion fracture xray

acromion fracture ORIF picture

acromion fracture post-op xray

adhesive capsulitis picture
shoulder capsule anatomy rotator interval release picture rotator interval release picture rotator interval release picture
adhesive capsulitis picture adhesive capsulitis picture



deltoid atrophy picture

Upper extremity sensory innervation



Upper extremity nerve root innervation


proximal biceps tendon anatomy
 proximal biceps tendon rupture picture  

proximal biceps tendon rupture picture


proximal biceps tendon rupture picture



normal biceps labral complex anatomy


 Sternoclavicular Joint Anatomy  








 Os Acrominonale classification  Os acromionale xray  Os Acromionale ORIF xray  proximal humerus bone anatomy
 Proximal Humerus Fracture xray  Proximal Humerus Fracture crpp xray Proximal humerus fracture xray  Proximal humerus hemiarthoplasty xray 
Proximal humerus fracture xray Proximal humerus ORIF xray  synthes proximal humerus plate xray Humeral shaft anatomy 
 AO A1 proximal humerus fracture AO B3 proximal humerus fracture AO C1 proximal humerus fracture  Quadrilateral Space
 Teres atrophy MRI  Rotator cuff arthropathy X-ray hamada classification   rotator cuff arthopathy xray
 tornier reverse total shoulder RTC tear classification Rotator cable image Crescent shaped RTC tear image
 RTC insertion image Harryman RTC classification Goutallier fatty degeneration stagin  Scapular bone anatomy
scapula anatomy  humerus lateral glenoid arthoscopy shoulder ligaments
 biceps tenndon  acromioclavicular joint anatomy  AC joint anatomy superior glenohumeral ligament
 buford complex  glenoid anatomy clavicle superior musculocutaneous nerve
     humeral head arthritis  


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