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Shoulder Outcome Measures

Constant Score Rowe
ASES Simple Shoulder Test
UCLA L'Insalata Score
DASH Shoulder Pain and Disability Index
  Short Form - 36
Walch-Duplay Score Melbourne Instability Shoulder Score
Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index Subjective Shoulder Value

Constant Score

  • From: Constant CR, CORR, 1987;214:160
  • For modifications and adjustments see Constant CR, JSES 2008;17:355.

ASES score

  • American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
  • Richards RR, JSES 1994;3:347
UCLA score UCLA Score
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Amstutz HC, CORR 1981;155:7
  DASH Score
 Rowe Score Rowe
  • Rowe CR, JBJS 1981;63A:863
  • 4 different versions with significant differences in the outcome between them.14,28-31
  • Jensen KU, Not all Rowe scores are the same! Which Rowe score do you use? JSES 2009;18:511.
  • Rowe CR. Evaluation of the shoulder. In: Rowe CR, ed. The Shoulder. New York, NY: Churchill Livingstone; 1988:631-637.
  • Rowe CR, The Bankart procedure: a longterm end-result study.JBJS. 1978;60A:1-16.
  • Rowe CR, Chronic unreduced dislocations of the shoulder.JBJS 1982;64A:494-505.
  • Rowe CR, Recurrent transient subluxation of the shoulder. JBJS 1981;63A:863-872.

  Simple Shoulder Test
  • Lippitt S, in The Shoulder: a Balance of Mobility and Stability, AAOS 1993 page 501
  L'Insalata Score
  • L'Insalata JC, JBJS 1997;79A:738
  Shoulder Pain and Disability Index
  • Roach KE, Arthit. Care and Res, 1991;4:143
  Short Form - 36
  • Ware JE, SF-36 Health Survery: Manual and Interpretation Guide. Boston, The Health Institute, 1993
  Walch-Duplay Score: (G.Walch, unpublished: see
  Melbourne Instability Shoulder Score
  • Watson L, JSES 2005;14:22 
  Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index WoSI
  • Kirkley A, AJSM 1998;26:764 
  Subjective Shoulder Value
Gilbart MK, JSES 2007;16:717 


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