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Thumb Metacarpal Fracture S62.329A 815.03



synonyms:thumb metacarpal fracture, thumb metacarpal shaft fracture

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture ICD-10


Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture ICD-9

  • 815.03(closed)
  • 815.13(open)

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Rotational deformity associated with oblique and comminuted fractures

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Anatomy

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Clinical Evaluation

  • Generally have obvious pain and deformity at the fracture site.
  • Document neurovascular status before and after any reduction. 

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Xray

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Classification / Treatment

  • Non-displaced
    -Thumb spica cast for 6 weeks (CPT=26600 closed treatment MC fracture without manipulation, each bone: 26605=with manipulation)
  • Displaced (angulation >30 degrees, shortening >4mm,  rotational deformity)
    -CRPP vs ORIF 
  • See also: Bennett's Fracture 815.01:  Rolando Fracture 815.01 S62.233A S62.236A

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Associated Injury

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture ORIF Complications

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Follow-up

  • Post-op: thumb spica splint
  • 7-10 Days: remove splint. Place in thumb spica cast
  • 3 Months: Check xrays. If union is complete return to full activities. Assess motion, consider occupational therapy if indicated.
  • 6 Months: Assess motion,
  • 1Yr: F/u xrays, assess outcome.

Thumb Metacarpal Shaft Fracture Review References


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