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Triquetral Fracture S62.113A 814.03

Herbert Screw

Herbert Screw

Herbert Screw


Triquetral Fx ICD-10

A- initial encounter for closed fracture

B- initial encounter for open fracture

D- subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing

G- subsequent encounter for fracture with delayed healing

K- subsequent encounter for fracture with nonunion

P- subsequent encounter for fracture with malunion

S- sequela


Triquetral Fx ICD-9

  • 814.03

Triquetral Fx Etiology / Epidemiolgy / Natural History

  • uncommon.
  • May result from a direct blow to the dorsum of the hand or extreme dorsiflexion of the hand.

Triquetral Fx Anatomy

  • See also Wrist anatomy.

Triquetral Fx Clincal Evaluation

  • tenderness and swelling in the wrist.
  • Tenderness over the triquetrum. Triquetrum is palpated by radial deviation of the wrist which makes the triquetum accessible by moving it away from the ulnar styloid process.

Triquetral Fx Xray

  • Standard P/A, lateral and oblique views of the wrist
  • Consider getting comparison views of normal wrist, or CT scan if diagnosis is not definitive on plan films.

Triquetral Fx Classification/Treatment

  • Chip fractures: 2-3 weeks of immobilization. Begin ROM exercises when symptoms permit.
  • Body minimally displaced: cast immobilization for 4-6 weeks.
  • Body displaced: closed reduction and percutaneous pinning or ORIF.

Trapzium Fracture Associated Injury / Differential Diagnosis

  • Bennett's Fx
  • Distal radius Fx
  • Scaphoid Fx

Trapzium Fx Complications

  • continued pain,
  • Nonunion
  • malunion
  • post-traumatic arthritis

Trapzium Fx Follow-Up

  • Post-Op: Place in volar splint. Encourage digital ROM, elevation.
  • 7-10 Days: remove splint. Place in short arm thumb spica cast. Consider removable splint with gentle ROM if fixation was extremely secure.
  • 6 Weeks: Cast removed. Check xrays. Started gentle ROM exercises. Activity modifications: no heavy manual labor, no contact sports, no lifting >5 lbs.
  • 3 Months: Check xrays. If union is complete return to full activities.

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