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Wrist Anatomy Bones

 carpal bones picture Wrist - Palmer View
  1. 1st metacarpal base (thumb)
  2. 2nd metacarpal base
  3. 3rd metacarpal base
  4. 4th metacarpal base
  5. 5th metacarpal base
  6. Trapezium
  7. Trapezoid
  8. Capitate
  9. Hamate
  10. Scaphoid
  11. Lunate
  12. Pisiform
  13. Triquetrum
  14. Radial styloid
  15. Radial shaft
  16. Ulnar styloid
  17. Ulnar shaft


carpal bones picture Wrist - Dorsal View
  1. 5th metacarpal base
  2. 4th metacarpal base
  3. 3rd metacarpal base
  4. 2nd metacarpal base
  5. 1st metacarpal base
  6. Hamate
  7. Capitate
  8. Trapezoid
  9. Trapezium
  10. Triquetrum
  11. Lunate
  12. Scaphoid
  13. Ulnar styloid
  14. Lister's tubercle
  15. Radial styloid
  16. Ulnar shaft
  17. Radial shaft
Carpal Ossification Sequence picture Carpal Ossification Sequence
  1. Capitate: Boys=3months, Girls=2months
  2. Hamate:Boys=4months, Girls=3months
  3. Triquetrum:Boys=2years, Girls=1.5years
  4. Lunate:Boys=4years, Girls=2.5years
  5. Scaphoid:Boys=5.5years, Girls=4years
  6. Trapezium:Boys=6years, Girls=4years
  7. Trapezoid:Boys=6years, Girls=4years
  8. Pisiform:Boys=11years, Girls=9.5years

Capitate may be present at birth.

Trapezium may appear pefore scaphoid.


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