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Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome G57.50 355.5

ICD-9 Classification / Treatment
Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis
Anatomy Complications
Clinical Evaluation Follow-up Care
Xray / Diagnositc Tests Review References

synonyms:tarsal tunnel syndrome

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  ICD-10

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  ICD-9

  • 355.5 Mononeuritis of lower limb; tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • 355.8 Mononeuritis of lower limb;unspecified
  • 956.3 Injury to peripheral nerve; peroneal nerve

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History


Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Anatomy

  • Deep peroneal nerve (DPN)
  • DPN impingement by distal inferior extensor retinaculum
  • pts usually have dorsal osteophytes / ganglion over apex of medial longitudinal arch

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Clinical Evaluation

  • dysesthesias and paresthesias on dorsul of foot radiating into first web space
  • Tinel’s sign over DPN
  • decreased sensation in 1st dorsal web space
  • palpate DPN, compare sides

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Xray / Diagnositc Tests


Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Classification / Treatment

  • well-padded tonge shoe, loosely laced
  • full-length rocker-sole steel shank @ 1/16” wide
  • Surgery=locate DPN distally just lateral to EHB tendon, trace proximally releasing all fascial restraints.  Remove osteophyties or ganglion.  Surgery contraindicated if RSD present.

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis


Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Complications

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Follow-up Care


Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Review References





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