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ASIS Avulsion S32.313A

synonyms: anterior superior iliac spine avulsion fracture, ASIS avulsion fracture

ASIS Avulsion ICD-10

ASIS Avulsion ICD-9

ASIS Avulsion Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Caused by sudden, forceful contraction of the sartorius and tensor fascia lata usually with the hip extended and knee flexed.
  • Generally adolescent athletes: baseball, sprinting.

ASIS Avulsion Anatomy

ASIS Avulsion Clinical Evaluation

  • C/o pain over the ASIS. Generally noted snap or pop at time of injury.

ASIS Avulsion Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • A/P pelvis generally demonstrates displaced fractures.
  • Consider MRI/CT is diagnosis is suspected, but not evident on plain films.

ASIS Avulsion Classification / Treatment

  • Nondisplaced (<2cm displacement): rest and protected weight bearing;
  • Displaced (>3cm displacement): surgical repair.
  • ASIS nonunion: surgical repair.

ASIS Avulsion Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

ASIS Avulsion Complications

ASIS Avulsion Follow-up Care

ASIS Avulsion Review References

  • White KK, JPO 2002;22:578


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