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Baseball Injuries

  • OCD of the Capitellum:
  • Commotio Cordis
  • Little league shoulder
  • Little league elbow
  • Hypothenar hammer syndrome
  • Posterior GH instability
  • Mallet Finger
  • Scapular Dyskinesis
  • Tooth avulsion
  • Olecranon Stress Fracture
  • Hook of the Hamate fracture
  • Posterior Elbow Impingement
  • Ulnar neuropathy
  • MCL of the Elbow tear
  • Suprascapular Neuropathy
  • SLAP lesion
  • Internal Impingement
  • Concussion
  • Radiocapitellar synovial plica (Kim DH, AJSM 2006;34:438).
  • Lesser Tuberosity Stress Fracture
  • Throwers Exostosis
  • Medial Epicondyle Avulsion
  • Medial Epicondle Apophysitis
  • Long-head of biceps rupture
  • Elbow arthritis
  • Radiocapitellar Arthritis
  • Snapping Triceps
  • Rib Stress Fracture
  • Axillary Artery
  • Effort Thrombosis
  • Thrower's Ten Exercise Program


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