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DIP Arthritis M19.049 715.14

DIP arthritis

DIP arthritis xray

DIP arthritis lateral xray

DIP arthrodesis xray

DIP arthrodesis xray


DIP Arthritis ICD-10

DIP Arthritis ICD-9

  • 715.14 osteoarthritis localized primary; hand

DIP Arthritis Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Most common site of arthritis in the hand
  • Etiology: osteoarthritis, posttraumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

DIP Arthritis Anatomy

DIP Arthritis Clinical Evaluation

  • Pain and loss of motion in DIP joint of affected digit. RA patients often have gross deformity / subluxation

DIP Arthritis Xray / Diagnositc Tests

  • P/A, lateral and oblique views of affected finger / thumb demonstrate varying degrees of Joint space narrowing, sclerosis, osteophytosis

DIP Arthritis Classification / Treatment

DIP Arthritis Associated Injuries / Differential Diagnosis

  • Mucous Cyst
  • DIP dislocation
  • PIP Arthritis
  • MCP arthritis

DIP Arthritis Complications

  • Pin-tract infection.
  • Deep infection/osteomyelitis.
  • Painful hardware.
  • Nonunion.
  • Cold intolerance.
  • Nailbed deformity

DIP Arthritis Follow-up Care

  • Post-Op: bulky hand dressing with volar splint. Keep elevated.
  • 10-14 Days: Wound check, Stack splint applied. Active and passive PIP ROM encouraged.
  • 6 Weeks: review xrays for signs of union.
  • 3 Months: return to full activities if pain free and union evident by xray.

DIP Arthritis Review References

Greens Hand Surgery


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