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Elbow Dislocation Cases

 elbow dislocation xray 43y/o male slipped and fell onto outstretched arm while intoxicated. Complained off 7/10 elbow pain and no ROM without severe pain. Lateral injury film.
elbow dislocation xray Attempted A/P injury view
elbow dislocation xray Oblique injury view.

Elbow was injected with 5cc of 1% lidocaine and reduced with longitudinal traction and anterior pressure applied to ulna.

Elbow was stable to ROM from 20-130 degrees. Splinted with posterior mold in @85 degrees of flexion.

elbow dislocation xray Post-reduction lateral view
elbow dislocation xray Post-reduction A/P view.
elbow dislocation xray Post-reduction A/P view.

Splint was removed at 8 days post-reduction and patient was placed in hinged elbow brace with ROM from 20-130 degrees of motion for 3 weeks, followed by full ROM in brace for 2 additional weeks. At last follow-up patient had near symmetric ROM of both elbows with no pain.


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