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Intersection Syndrome M65.849 727.05


synonyms: squeakers, intersection syndrome

Intersection Syndrome ICD-10

Intersection Syndrome ICD-9

  • 727.05 Other tenosynovitis of hand and wrist

Intersection Syndrome Etiology / Epidemiology / Natural History

  • Inflammation at the crossing of the first dorsal compartment muscles (APL, EPB) and the radial wrist extensor muscles (ECRB, ECRL) which causes dorsoradial wrist pain.

Intersection Syndrome Anatomy

  • The APL and EPB cross the ECRB and ECRL 4-6cm proximal to Lister's tubercle (Grundgerg AB, J Hand Surg 1985;10Am:A299)

Intersection Syndrome Clinical Evaluation

  • Tenderness and swelling at the intersection point 4-6cm proximal to radiocarpal joint.
  • Commonly associated with crepitus with wrist motion.
  • Associated with rowing sports, racquet sports, weight lifters.

Intersection Syndrome Diagnositc Tests

Intersection Syndrome Classification / Treatment

  • Acute: cock-up wrist splint, nsaids, acitivity modification.
  • Subacute (patients who have failed acute management): Corticosteriod injection at the intersection point.
  • Chronic (patients who have 2 or more injections): Surgical release at the intersection point with debridement of the bursa

Intersection Syndrome Associated InjuriesIntersection Syndrome / Differential Diagnosis

Intersection Syndrome Complications

Intersection Syndrome Follow-up Care

Intersection Syndrome Review References



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