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Kohler’s Disease M92.70 732.5

Kohlers disease xray Kohler's Disease ICD-10

Kohler's Disease ICD-9

  • 732.5 Juvenile osteochondrosis of the foot

Kohler's Disease Etiology / Natural History

  • osteonecrosis of the tarsal navicular
  • Etiology unknown
  • Natural History = spontaneous resolution and reconstitution of the navicular

Kohler's Disease Clinical Evaluation

  • usually presents with midfoot pain over the tarsal navicular around 5y/o.
  • Limping.
  • Tenderness, swelling, occasionally redness in the region of the tarsal navicular.

Kohlers Disease Xray

  • sclerosis +/- narrowing of tarsal navicular

Kohler’s Disease Treatment

  • symptomatic with restriction of weight bearing or cast immobilization for 6-12 wks, followed by orthotics.  Xray findings usually normalize within 1yr, with no long term sequelae.  (Borges, J Pediatr Orthop 15:596;1995)

Kohler’s Disease Review References


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