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M26-M27 Dentofacial anomalies

M26. - Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion]

M26.0 - Major anomalies of jaw size

M26.00 - Unspecified anomaly of jaw size

M26.01 - Maxillary hyperplasia

M26.02 - Maxillary hypoplasia

M26.03 - Mandibular hyperplasia

M26.04 - Mandibular hypoplasia

M26.05 - Macrogenia

M26.06 - Microgenia

M26.07 - Excessive tuberosity of jaw

M26.09 - Other specified anomalies of jaw size

M26.1 - Anomalies of jaw-cranial base relationship

M26.10 - Unspecified anomaly of jaw-cranial base relationship

M26.11 - Maxillary asymmetry

M26.12 - Other jaw asymmetry

M26.19 - Other specified anomalies of jaw-cranial base relationship

M26.2 - Anomalies of dental arch relationship

M26.20 - Unspecified anomaly of dental arch relationship

M26.21 - Malocclusion, Angle's class

M26.211 - Malocclusion, Angle's class I

M26.212 - Malocclusion, Angle's class II

M26.213 - Malocclusion, Angle's class III

M26.219 - Malocclusion, Angle's class, unspecified

M26.22 - Open occlusal relationship

M26.220 - Open anterior occlusal relationship

M26.221 - Open posterior occlusal relationship

M26.23 - Excessive horizontal overlap

M26.24 - Reverse articulation

M26.25 - Anomalies of interarch distance

M26.29 - Other anomalies of dental arch relationship

M26.3 - Anomalies of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.30 - Unspecified anomaly of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.31 - Crowding of fully erupted teeth

M26.32 - Excessive spacing of fully erupted teeth

M26.33 - Horizontal displacement of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.34 - Vertical displacement of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.35 - Rotation of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.36 - Insufficient interocclusal distance of fully erupted teeth (ridge)

M26.37 - Excessive interocclusal distance of fully erupted teeth

M26.39 - Other anomalies of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth

M26.4 - Malocclusion, unspecified

M26.5 - Dentofacial functional abnormalities

M26.50 - Dentofacial functional abnormalities, unspecified

M26.51 - Abnormal jaw closure

M26.52 - Limited mandibular range of motion

M26.53 - Deviation in opening and closing of the mandible

M26.54 - Insufficient anterior guidance

M26.55 - Centric occlusion maximum intercuspation discrepancy

M26.56 - Non-working side interference

M26.57 - Lack of posterior occlusal support

M26.59 - Other dentofacial functional abnormalities

M26.6 - Temporomandibular joint disorders

M26.60 - Temporomandibular joint disorder, unspecified

M26.61 - Adhesions and ankylosis of temporomandibular joint

M26.62 - Arthralgia of temporomandibular joint

M26.63 - Articular disc disorder of temporomandibular joint

M26.69 - Other specified disorders of temporomandibular joint

M26.7 - Dental alveolar anomalies

M26.70 - Unspecified alveolar anomaly

M26.71 - Alveolar maxillary hyperplasia

M26.72 - Alveolar mandibular hyperplasia

M26.73 - Alveolar maxillary hypoplasia

M26.74 - Alveolar mandibular hypoplasia

M26.79 - Other specified alveolar anomalies

M26.8 - Other dentofacial anomalies

M26.81 - Anterior soft tissue impingement

M26.82 - Posterior soft tissue impingement

M26.89 - Other dentofacial anomalies

M26.9 - Dentofacial anomaly, unspecified

M27. - Other diseases of jaws

M27.0 - Developmental disorders of jaws

M27.1 - Giant cell granuloma, central

M27.2 - Inflammatory conditions of jaws

M27.3 - Alveolitis of jaws

M27.4 - Other and unspecified cysts of jaw

M27.40 - Unspecified cyst of jaw

M27.49 - Other cysts of jaw

M27.5 - Periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment

M27.51 - Perforation of root canal space due to endodontic treatment

M27.52 - Endodontic overfill

M27.53 - Endodontic underfill

M27.59 - Other periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment

M27.6 - Endosseous dental implant failure

M27.61 - Osseointegration failure of dental implant

M27.62 - Post-osseointegration biological failure of dental implant

M27.63 - Post-osseointegration mechanical failure of dental implant

M27.69 - Other endosseous dental implant failure

M27.8 - Other specified diseases of jaws

M27.9 - Disease of jaws, unspecified


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