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Radial Head Fracture Rehab Protocol



Phase (0 to 14 days)

  • Elbow active ROM and active-assisted ROM for flexion and extension.  Goal is 15° to 105° of motion by 14 days.  Avoid flexion in pronation and any valgus loads on the elbow.  ROM should be performed with the arm adducted close to the body.
  • Consider extension splinting per surgeons instruction.
  • Putty/grip exercises.
  • Isometric strengthening exercises for the elbow and wrist.

Phase II (15 days to 6 weeks)

  • Continue elbow active and active assisted ROM exercises. 
  • Full flexion and extension ROM should be achieved by the end of 6 weeks.
  • Begin active and active assisted supination and pronation.
  • Begin light isotonic strengthening of flexion and extension.
  • Maintain shoulder, wrist, hand strength and ROM.

Phase III (7-12 weeks)

  • Continue active and active assisted supination and pronation.
  • Full pronation and supination should be achieved by the end of the 8th week.
  • Progressively increase isotonic strengthening in flexion/extension and pronation/supination.
  • Work on any deficits.


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