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synonyms:Syme amputation, ankle amputation

Syme's amputation CPT 

Syme's amputation Indications

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Syme's amputation Contraindications

Syme's amputation Alternatives

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Syme's amputation Pre-op Planning

  • In order to perform a Syme's amputation, the heel fat pad must be intact.  In addition, patients who are concerned about the cosmetic result of their surgery often find a below-knee amputation more cosmetically acceptable than a Syme's amputation because the ankle thickness in a below-knee prosthesis can resemble that of a normal ankle and the foot will often fit into regular shoe wear.  The prosthesis for a Syme's amputation has a large, broad ankle portion that extends distally as a continuation of the brace rather than the shoe, and is often cosmetically unacceptable to patients. Laughlin RT, Chambers RB: Syme amputation revisited: A review of 46 cases.  J Bone Joint Surg 1996;78B:461-467.

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